Lacy Alida


Abortion is one the most talk about issues throughout centuries. A blog that I found was about the new bill that was being passed in South Dakota. The bill was proposed to reveal that abortion would be accepted only in the cases of rape, health problems, and incest acts of being pregnant. This article was from a pro-choice perspective and was in response to an article about South Dakota banning bill. Although I do not agree with abortion in anyway, shape or form; I do think it every person’s right to have a choice. This ban restricts a woman from making her own decisions. Did woman receive rights already? I think this issue is very strong and important decision. If a woman is just trying to get a rid of a baby because she does not want it, it is very wrong, but the principle matter of this ban is it taking away the right to choose. It is almost like a privacy invasion to a woman because they have to let the state know exactly why they are making this decision. Let me just state again that I am not for abortion, but I do not think taking the choice of someone away is right either.

I don’t agree that a fetus is not considered a person in this article. I found this comment under the blog from some one else. It is considered a person. A person develops in the fetus from one tiny cell. A cell is living organisms. I don’t care if it is someone you can’t even see, it is real and alive. Once your perform abortion, you are murdering that life.

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